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Jang Su Jang

As featured in the Silicon Valley Metro Publication:

"The restaurant also offers several versions of dumplings, the best being the turnover-size wang mandoo, huge boiled dumplings filled with a mix of beef, pork and seafood. And don't miss the seafood pancake appetizer, a jumble of seafood bound together in a light, barely there batter.

Come summertime, an icy bowl of cold mul naeng myun noodles is one of my favorite things. The tangy, brightly flavored beef broth and chilled buckwheat noodles are perfect for hot weather. Jang Su Jang has mul naeng myun, but what intrigued me was the bowl of chilled acorn noodles with vegetables and soy sauce. Korean food makes wide use of alternative forms of flour such as buckwheat and arrowroot, but the acorn flour was a first for me. The thin noodles don't taste particularly different, but they're delicate, slippery and delicious. With the scattering of vegetables (cabbage, lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, sliced sesame leaves), it's really a cold noodle salad. The soy-sesame dressing tossed with it all is refreshing and light."

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As featured on Yelp:

"Even though there aren't many great Korean restaurants in the Bay area, Jang Su Jang definitely stands on its own. It comes pretty close to what LA has to offer, and Korean food in LA is where it's at!"

- Kristel S. Yelp

"I can see why this place is so popular. The decor is sleek, the service is great, and the food is wonderful..."

- Nathan W. Yelp

"It is, without a doubt, the best Korean BBQ place I've been to in the Bay Area - better than Ohgane in Oakland, even. Their prices are a bit high, but the quality reflects the price (and, as has been well publicized, beef prices are through the roof right now)."

- Noah C. Yelp

"Oh my god. Jang Su Jang. Let's see, what other three-word combos can I make... best korean food, so freakin' filling, definite food orgasm...you get the hint. I'm more white than a sheet of binder paper and this is some of the best food i've ever had."

- Johanna D. Yelp

"I never liked Korean food this much until Jang Su Jang. Sigh, I love this place :)"

- Cherrychip B. Yelp

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